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Santa Says Hello


Letters from Santa

Santa has provided some easy-to-fill-in letters for his Christmas helpers. Use our original designs with the text provided or compose your own content. Our Free Printable Letters from Santa are so easy to create and print it'll be fun to surprise that special someone with a personalized letter from Santa himself this year!


Click on an image or link to visit those Letters from Santa...

Christmas Whimsy Series

Christmas Whimsy Series

Our Christmas Whimsy Series of Free Santa Letters are filled with all of the joyous images of Christmas.  Select from 12 designs including Choo Choo, North Pole, Polar Bears and Santas galore.



North Pole Series

North Pole Series

Everyone knows where Santa lives...the North Pole!  So, we took a few scenes from his homeland to create a series of Free Printable Letters. Select from Santa, Santa's Train, Santa & Friends, Santa's Sleigh, Santa's List and Santa's Wish background.



Santa & Friends Series

Santa & Friends Series

Santa couldn't make that Christmas eve delivery without the help of his friends.  So, we decided to create a series of Free Printable Letters featuring Santa & his friends.  Select from Filling the Sleigh, Family & Friends, Santa's Train, Santa's Village, Santa's Helpers and Leaving Toys background.



Steps for completing your letter:

1.  Choose letter #1, #2 or #3 and click on the "Select" image...this takes you to the appropriate designs page.

2.  Select a page design...you will be able to view your letter template immediately.

3.  Add personal information where you see parenthesis...this makes your letter special.

4.  Remove text within parenthesis as well as the parenthesis leaving only the personal text you entered.

5.  Move to the next item in parenthesis and repeat step 3 and 4 until all items have been completed.

6.  Set your margins, do a print preview and print.  (Make certain you have enabled "Print Background Colors & Images:" in your printer set up.)


Congratulations!  You have finished your letter. 


Q & A...

"What if I'm only seeing and printing the text?"

When you do a "Print Preview", within your "Page Setup" you'll find a phrase that says "Print Background Colors and Images".  (Depending on the browser you use, this wording may be a bit different, but it should be similar.)  Click the box next to the phrase to enable this function and see if this fixes your problem.

Print an envelope for your Santa Letter

1.  Click on an "envelope's" image, then fill in the personal information.  All text may be removed to suit your needs.

2.  Do a "Print Preview".  Set page orientation to "Landscape" and make sure "Print Background Colors and Images" has been selected in your page set up.

3.  Set margins, print and fill with your Santa Letter.



The stamp is only a graphic.  You will need to add postage to put it in the mail.

Envelope #1

Envelope #2

Envelope #3


Merry Christmas






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