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Homemade Raspberry Sherbet

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Homemade Raspberry Sherbet

Would you like a deliciously sinful spoonful of holiday decadence? That’s exactly what you get with this exquisite homemade raspberry sherbet. Each taste will garner “oohs” and “aahs” from your friends and family.



2 cups milk

1 cup sugar

3 cups fresh or frozen raspberries, mashed

1/2 cup fresh raspberries, whole

1/4 cup lime juice




Combine milk, sugar, mashed raspberries (including juice) and lime juice.  Pour into a freezer tray; freeze until mushy.  Pour into a bowl and beat with a mixer until creamy.  Return to freezer until firm, spoon into dessert glasses and top with whole raspberries.


Yield:  6 servings.


Try Other Flavors Too:  Be bold!  Experiment with some of your favorite fruits to delight your friends and family for the holiday.



Merry Christmas






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